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     A.C. Shelton Photographs
     Alaska Mining and Prospecting Company Records
     Albert Conrad Ullman Papers
     Albert Jourdan Photographs
     Albert M. McClain Remarks on the Nez Perce Indians and Indian Missions in the Northwest
     Albert R. Sweetser Papers
     Alexander L. Crosby Papers
     Alice Henson Ernst Papers
     Angelus Studio Photographs
     Barbara Day Partridge Photographs
     Benjamin Franklin Dowell Papers
     Bernard J. Stern Photographs
     Boyd J. Jackson Papers
     C.C. Lewis Photographs
     C. Girard Davidson Papers
     Calbreath Family Papers
     Carl Burger Papers
     Cayuse, Yakima, and Rogue River Wars Papers
     Cayuse-Nez PercĂ© Sketchbook
     Charles Louis Marshall Photographs
     Charles Orlando Porter Papers
     Charles W. Furlong Papers
     Christine Price Papers
     Clarence Leroy Andrews Papers
     Colver Family Papers 1860-1923


     Davenport Family Papers
     Don B. and Terry Diener Allen Papers
     Douglas McKay Papers
     Edward and William Partridge Photographs
     Edward Chambreau Collection
     Edward R. Geary Papers
     Edwin Deming Papers
     Edwin Tunis Papers
     Electric Studio/O.G. Allen Photographs
     Ernest Haycox Papers
     Eugene H. Field Lummi Indian Photographs
     Eugene P. Lyle Jr. Papers
     Evelyn Sibley Lampman Papers
     Ezra Meeker Photographs
     Father De Smet Lantern Slides
     Feminist and Lesbian Periodical Collection
     Frazier Augustus Boutelle Papers
     Frederick William Cleator Papers


     Garry W. Jewett Papers
     Golden West Studio San Francisco
     Hal George Evarts Jr. Papers
     Hazard Stevens Papers
     Helen Damrosch Tee-Van Papers
     Henry Davidson Sheldon Papers
     Henry W. Brown Stereographs
     Herbert C. Holdridge Papers
     Herbert Spencer Zim and Sonia Bleeker Papers
     Hinsdale Family Papers
     Homer Barnett Papers
     Howard and Mina Lewiston Simon Papers
     How we came to Oregon by John Hamilton McClure
     Hugh B. Wood Papers


     J.H. Horner Photographs
     J.M. Sutton: An Account of the Rogue River Indian War of 1855
     Jackson County, Oregon Records
     James G. Crawford Photographs
     James J. James Papers
     James T. Gray Papers
     James Weaver Papers
     Janet Marshall Stevenson Papers
     Jefferson Center for Education and Research Records
     Jeremiah Barnett Thompson Reminiscences
     Joaquin Miller Papers
     Jodie (Mrs. Henry) Wallick Photographs
     Joel Palmer Papers
     John K. Hiller Photographs
     John Phillips Shannon Papers
     Joseph Henry Brown. History of Indian Wars in Oregon
     Jules Archer Papers
     Julia Burgess Papers
     Julius A. Stratton Reminiscences
     Kate Seredy Papers
     Kim Robert Stafford Collection
     Klamath Indian Agency Photograph Album
     Lee and Robert Wyndham Papers
     Lee D. Papers
     Lee Moorhouse Photographs
     Leonard Everett Fisher Papers
     Lindsay Applegate Papers
     London Stereoscopic Co. Stereographs
     Louis Heller Photographs
     Luther Cressman Papers


     M. A. Jagendorf Papers
     Manning Lee Papers
     Margaret Szasz Collection on the Klamath Indian Tribe
     Martin W. Gorman Papers
     Mathew "Harris" Ellsworth Papers
     Molly Gloss Papers
     Mystery Collection
     Naomi Phelps Papers
     Nora S. Unwin Papers
     Northwest Photography
     Oliver Cromwell Applegate Papers
     Oregon Territory. Adjutant-General's Office. Cayuse Indian War
     Oregon Trail Commemoration Photographs
     Oscar Hiram Lipps Papers


     Pacific Photo Co. Photographs
     Park Weed Willis Papers
     Philip Hyde Photographs
     Philip McCusker, Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indian Agency, Letter to "Mr. Lockley"
     Print Collection
     Pub. Bradley & Rolofson Photographs
     R.R. Doubleday of Pendleton, Oregon Photographs
     Reference collection of University of Oregon Photographs
     Report on mineral valuation of Indian lands along the Oregon coast, [1950?] / by Warren D. Smith
     Richard Neuberger Papers
     Robert C. Frankenberg Papers
     Robert D. Clark Papers
     Robert Day Lytle Papers
     Robert E. Pinkerton and Kathrene Pinkerton Papers
     Robert Jr. Prescott Papers
     Robert W. Sawyer Papers
     Ruth Langland Holberg Papers
     Ruth Murray Underhill Papers


     S.J. Schoenberg Collection of Catholic Prayers and Teachings in Various Indian Languages
     Samuel Moment Papers
     Southwest Oregon Research Project
     Thomas H. Rutter of Montana and Washington Photographs
     Todhunter Ballard Papers
     Tony Minthorn Collection of Nez Perce Photographs
     U.S. District Court, OR US vs. Telokite
     U.S. Office of Indian Affairs records, Malheur Agency
     United States. Pension Bureau Indian Wars Widow's Pension and Certificate Issued to Mary A. Holland
     University of Oregon Archives Photographic Prints


     W.P.A. Oregon Historical Records Survey Records
     W.R.B. Willcox Photographs
     Walter M. Pierce Papers
     Walter S. Bowman Photographs
     Wayne L. Morse Papers
     Western Photography Collection
     Will Cook Papers
     William A. Langille Papers
     William and Lillian Glaser Papers
     William C. Smith Papers
     William H. Burton Photographs
     William Henry Jackson Photographs
     William S. Crust Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Curtis
     William Thomas Lopp Papers
     Wilma Crowe Collection of Tribal Photographs
     WPA Historical Photographs Collection

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