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Since the founding of the University of Oregon in 1876, the twenty-one presidents of the University have exercised a huge influence on the direction of education in the state and nation. The papers of these twenty-one presidents contain a unique and valuable record of the development of the University of Oregon and the history of higher education in the United States.

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UO Presidents

1876-1893 John Wesley Johnson 1954-1960 O. Meredith Wilson
1893 John Straub (acting) 1960-1961 William C. Jones (acting)
1893-1899 Charles Hiram Chapman 1961-1968 Arthur S. Flemming
1899-1902 Frank Strong 1968-1969 Charles Ellicott Johnson (acting)
1902-1925 Prince Lucien Campbell 1969 N. Ray Hawk (acting)
1926-1932 Arnold Bennett Hall 1969-1975 Robert Donald Clark
1932-1938 Clarence Valentine Boyer (acting 1932-33) 1975-1980 William Beaty Boyd
1938-1943 Donald Milton Erb 1980-1989 Paul Olum (acting 1980)
1944-1945 Orlando John Hollis (acting) 1989-1994 Myles Brand
1945-1953 Harry K. Newburn 1994-2009 Dave Frohnmayer
1953-1954 Victor Pierpont Morris (acting) 2009- Richard Lariviere


For questions or information about University of Oregon Office of the President materials, please contact Heather Briston, Richard & Mary Corrigan-Solari University Historian & Archivist, at 541-346-1899.

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