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Collection Status:Under Development / Phase 1



Collection Development Policy


  • To create an online resource of stock photographic images of the people, places, and happenings of the University of Oregon.
  • To provide a centralized digital collection of stock photographic images generated by the UO Libraries and other campus units and departments.
  • To contribute new digital and analog content to the University Archives photograph collection.
  • To provide a centralized digital delivery system for library and campus clients.
  • To oversee rights management of online stock image library.


Images available through the collection web interface will be web quality and will use the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/us/) when possible. Print quality / high resolution tiff images will be available upon request ; use and service fees may apply. (See the Reproductions and Fees).)

Overview of collection

The collection will contain contemporary images.

  • Campus Buildings
  • New construction and demolition
  • Seasonal
  • Renovations
  • Architectural details
  • Student Life
  • Campus Events
  • Wildlife and Nature
  • Catastrophes/storms
  • University Portraits
  • UO Libraries Photographs
  • Art directed/Editorial/Requested photos for library publications

Selection Responsibility

Selection responsibility lies with the University Archives and Images Services Center or their designees. Initial curation will be coordinated with Images Services and will focus on a user-demand priority. Donated and/or acquired existing items will be reviewed by the University Archivist or their desginee for inclusion in to University Archives.

Content Acquisition

Image Services Photographer

Content is assigned by the Image Services Coordinator in conjunction with the University Archivist, Communications Director, Library Development Office and on-demand needs.
During the initial pilot phase, selected campus events will be captured based on the availability of Image Services staff and priorities.

Contract Photographers

Departments should use to standard University Personal Services Contracts with contract photographers for images to be included in this collection. For further information contact Business Affairs Office.

Campus Departments

Images from departments will be coordinated through campus communications staff and Image Services Center, or designee. Please see …. For procedures. Selected items will be chosen by the Image Services and Digital Collection Coordinators for inclusion in the collection. Campus departments should follow record retention guidelines and submit required materials to University Archives for inclusion in this collection or the University Archives permanent collections. All items will be forwarded to University Archives or designee for review.

Submission Requirements

File formats

  • PDF (300 dpi), TIFFs,JPEGs, JP2s
    • Archival quality high resolution images must be 6 inches at the longer dimension at 3000 dpi
    • Web quality / compressed images should not be below 300 dpi

Files to provide

  • 1 TIFF or PDF (archival copy)
  • 1 JPEG, JP2, PDF (display copy)

Minimum Metadata


  • Year (original date)
  • Department or Office and subdivision if applicable
  • Event if applicable
  • Building if applicable
  • Photographer
  • Rights information


  • Names of subjects/people(if known)

Metadata must be delivered in a spreadsheet with images. Please spell out all acronyms.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property belongs or must be ceded to the University of Oregon for the UO Stock Photos collection.

Images available through the digital collection will be web quality and will use the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/us/) when possible.

Any images where copyright cannot be transferred to the UO Libraries, may be eligible for deposit into the University Archives. Release statements will be stored with Special Collections & University Archives.

Transition to University Archives Collection

To maintain currency in the collection, the UO Stock Photo Library will periodically be reviewed by the University Archivist or designee. Images deaccessioned from the Stock Photos collection will either be selected for the permanent University Archives or deleted . This review will be conducted by the University Archivist or designee, in a two-year cycle. Archival quality images will be redirected/disposed of at this time, as well.

Challenges/ Withdrawls

If an item is requested to be removed, it will be reviewed by the head of Special Collections & University Archives.

Policy developed by Karen Estlund, Lesli Larson, Rick Gersbach, Heather Briston, Erin O'Meara, Ron Renchler, and James Fox. Created January 30, 2008. Next review due post phase 2, winter 2009.


Phase 1

Proof of concept. Incorporate 200 existing Image Services photos. Rick is working with Ron’s list from the Communicators of possible topics to fill-in (50 new images). Infrastructure, documentation, and workflow will be developed. Image Services staff will be trained on CONTENTdm upload. Soft launch Winter 2008.

Phase 2

Images from a selected campus department (possibly Admissions) will be used to test requirements, documentation, and workflow. Items will be continued to be added from pre-existing and new images from Image Services. Fall 2008 or Winter 2009 depending on priorities of campus department chosen.

Phase 3

Full launch. Conduct education for campus on record retention, seek items from other departments across campus, continuing to add pre-existing and new images from Image Services. Fall 2009.


Last revision: 12/14/2011
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