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West approach to the Cascade Locks before the Bonneville Dam was built     


     African American fishers
     African Americans
     Architecture, Domestic
     Asian American men
     Asian Americans
     Automobiles, Convertible
     Automobiles -- Tires
     Automobile travel
     Boats and boating
     Bridges, Arched
     Bridges, Stone
     Bridges -- Design and construction
     Building, Stone
     Building, Wooden
     Channels (Hydraulic engineering)
     Cities and towns
     Civil engineering
     Civil engineering contracts
     Civil engineers
     Clothing and dress
     Conservation of natural resources


     Decks (Architecture, Domestic)
     Discoveries in geography
     Electric lines
     Electric power distribution
     Engineering -- Estimates
     Environmental impact analysis
     Environmental policy
     Environmental protection
     Excursion boats
     Fisheries -- Equipment and supplies
     Fish hatcheries
     Fishing boats
     Fishing nets
     Fishing rods
     Forests and forestry
     Formations (Geology)
     Fur traders


     Geography -- History
     Geology, Stratigraphic
     Highway engineering
     Highway engineers
     Highway planning
     Human beings
     Hydraulic engineering
     Hydroelectric power plants
     Ice on rivers, lakes, etc
     Indians of North America -- Commerce
     Indians of North America -- Dwellings
     Indians of North America
     Indigenous peoples
     Inland navigation
     Inland water transportation
     Irrigation projects


     Landscape protection
     Lighting, Architectural and decorative
     Locks (Hydraulic engineering)
     Log transportation
     Lumber trade


     Men's clothing
     Mountain passes
     Natural areas
     Oyster fisheries
     Oyster industry


     Paddle steamers
     Pile drivers
     Piling (Civil engineering)
     Power resources
     Public utilities
     Railroad bridges
     Railroad companies
     Railroad engineering
     Railroads -- Track
     Railroads -- Trains
     Railroads -- Yards
     Recreation areas
     Riparian areas
     River boats
     River channels
     River engineering
     Rivers -- Recreational use
     River steamers
     River surveys
     Road construction contracts
     Road construction industry
     Road materials
     Roads, Concrete
     Roads, Macadamized
     Roads -- Design and construction
     Roads -- Embankments
     Roads -- Widening
     Roofing, Copper
     Rural transportation


     Sailing ships
     Salmon canning industry
     Salmon fisheries -- Law and legislation
     Salmon fisheries
     Salmon fishing
     Salmon industry
     Scenic byways
     Shirts, Men's
     Staffs (Sticks, canes, etc.)
     Sturgeon fishing
     Telephone lines
     Timber -- Rafting
     Transportation -- Passenger traffic
     Trees in winter
     Tree trunks
     Trevitt Monument (Memaloose Island)


     Water resources development -- Environmental aspects
     Water resources development -- Law and legislation
     Water resources development
     Watershed management -- Law and legislation
     Watershed management
     Water towers

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